Day Troops of Ukraine

Corps Day is celebrated annually in Ukraine August 8 in accordance with the Presidential Decree number 154/2000 of the February 1 in 2000. Military communications — it is an integral component of the Armed Forces, and its technical basis.

The beginning of a glorious history, and then the establishment of the holiday prerequisite was that the August 8, 1920 in Kiev, on the basis of the former Constantine cadet military school preparations began for the second signalers Kiev military engineering courses.

The historical experience of military communication confirms the crucial role played by the military communicators in the armed struggle to achieve victory. Evidence of this growth — the share of telecommunications workers against the total number of troops. During the Civil War, it was about three per cent of the Red Army, and the beginning of World War II rose to five percent.

At the end of World War II, almost every tenth soldier was a signalman. At present, about twelve percent of the total population of the Armed Forces — the specialists Corps, and the role of communication troops in achieving permanent combat readiness of the Armed Forces has grown even more.

The troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine originate from the Signal Corps Army of the Soviet Union. In January 1992, it was created by the General Administration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which began forming Corps of an independent state. During the existence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of disparate communications systems has created a unified system that is capable of providing reliable control of the armed forces in any environment.