International Day of mountaineering ( Day climber )

advent of the holiday we have to brave the two-Swiss — doctor Michel-Gabriel Packard (Michel Gabriel Paccard, 1757-1827) and mountain guide Balma Jacques (Jacques Balmat, 1762-1834). August 8 in 1786 they were the first of all the climbers reached the highest point of the Alps — Mont Blanc, whose height is 4810 meters above sea level.

To realize the full extent of their feat , we turn to history. Interest in the Mont Blanc peak among travelers appeared in the middle of the XVIII century. Every year, hundreds of them came to the valley of Chamonix (Chamonix), where the rush to try to get to the "high-rise pole of Europe," as it is sometimes called. In the ascent climbers are usually accompanied by the inhabitants of Chamonix — peasants, who, seeing the interest in their native places, have turned into mountain guides. However, all attempts ended in failure.

massive desire to conquer Mont Blanc reached its apotheosis in the early 60-ies of the XVIII century, when Horace Benedict de Saussure (Horace-B