Day of Special Communication and Information of the Federal Service of Russia

Today receive congratulations officers of Special Communication and Information of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation.

itself the Federal Security Service was the successor of the KGB of the ninth, the Soviet Union was engaged in the protection of the leaders of the Communist Party and the government, and service of special communication and information in its structure — is a former Federal Agency for Government Communications and information (the notorious PLL). It became part of the Federal Security Service after the reorganization, August 7 in 2004. In honor of this date was established professional holiday spetssvyazistov.

The service provides job-specific channels of communication, including those enjoyed by the president, government officials, members of diplomatic missions abroad. Also, this structure provides information security activities of the first persons of the country is opposed to technical intelligence and protects the information that you are a state secret.

In addition, the responsibility of the service — providing higher authorities the means of communication, computer and office equipment, audio — and video equipment, software products. Interestingly, this division is actively involved in the creation of a system of electronic document management and even conducts monitoring, measuring data on the socio-political and socio-economic processes.