Day of Railway Troops

Day of Railway Troops of the Russian Federation established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation July 19 1996 "On establishing the Day of Railway Troops of the Russian Federation." It is timed to the formation of special military units for the protection and exploitation of Saint-Petersburg — Moscow railway.

on August 6 in 1851 came "superior claim" Emperor Nicholas Ā«Regulations on the part of management of St. Petersburg — Moscow Railway ".

According to the "Regulations", was formed by 14 separate military-workers, and two conductor's "telegraphic" company of a total of 4340 people, and initiated the formation of the first military railway units. They were ordered to maintain in good repair railway tracks, ensuring the smooth operation of the stations, the protection of bridges and railway crossings.

Zodiac "Excellence in railway troops' Beginning with the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, the soldiers, the railroad contributed to the victory of Russian arms. During the Great Patriotic War, railroad troops together with civilians railroad restored and built more than 120,000 kilometers of railways, more than three thousand bridges.

For more than one hundred and fifty years of military railwaymen selflessly and devotedly served and serve the Fatherland. Railway Troops of the Russian Federation take part in the aftermath of emergencies and accidents.