International Day of Traffic

celebrated the International Day of the traffic light August 5 in honor of the event, which occurred in 1914. On this day in the U.S. city of Cleveland has its first predecessor of modern devices. It had red and green lights, and when you switch the light beep.

However, the very first traffic light invented Brit J Knight in the 19th century. This machine was installed near the Houses of Parliament in London in 1868. Three years later, his lantern exploded and injured a police officer. After that, forget about traffic lights almost 50 years — until 1910, when it was developed and patented the first automatic traffic light device with the lights of two colors.

Tri-color traffic lights, similar to modern, first saw the residents of Detroit and New York in 1920. Over time, the device became popular in different cities of America and Europe.

In Russia there was a traffic light in January 1930 — on the corner of Nevsky and Foundry avenues in Leningrad. In December of the same year the automatic adjuster installed on the corner of Petrovka and Kuznetsk bridge in Moscow. The third city in Russia, where he began working traffic light, became Rostov-on-Don.

In 2010, the monument was opened in Perm that device. This event was dedicated to the International Day of lights.