Railroad Day

In the life of each country's railways have always played a special role. They were and still are the main transport artery linking together of the city. Railroad Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of August.

This professional holiday was established in Russia in 1896 and was dedicated to the birthday of the emperor Nicholas, the start of construction Railways. During his reign, were built the first railroad walking in Tsarskoye Selo, first all-Russian line from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Railroad Day in the years up to 1917, was celebrated on June 25.

After the October Revolution of 1917, the holiday was forgotten almost twenty years. The tradition of the railway revived only in the Soviet Union in 1936. Resolution of the Government of 28 July in 1936 was set the day of the professional holiday railroad 30 July. Later, his celebration was moved to the first Sunday in August.

Now this professional holiday was truly international and congratulate all those associated with the railway business in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan.

Ukrainian railway celebrate their professional holiday November 4.