Day of the U.S. Coast Guard

4 August in the United States celebrated their professional holiday — Day of the Coast Guard (United States Coast Guard Day). This day has been approved by the Council of Ministers of the Americas in 1790.

It was Aug. 4 of that year, the U.S. Congress, under the leadership of the Minister of Finance Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton), was authorized to begin construction of the fleet of the country. At that time it consisted of only 10 boats.

The Coast Guard is the smallest part of the U.S. Armed Forces and is responsible for enforcing maritime laws. Also in its mission is to protect people, the environment, the economy and security of the U.S. in any maritime region in which those interests are at stake, including international waters, the U.S. coastline, ports and inland waters. The Coast Guard is subject to U.S. federal government.

For several years the resort town of Grand Haven (Grand Haven) (Michigan) annually sponsors the Coast Guard Festival and is known among the people as the "city of the marine guardsĀ».
emblem of the U.S. Coast Guard
As usual, August 4 takes place here memorable and large-scale festival naval forces of the USA, which is extremely popular and which long remembered. Among the holiday marking can be met and the local residents, and military reservists and retired military, and many, many others.

Addition to the activities of the professional holiday of the members of the Coast Guard, as equal partners, are actively involved in celebrations of the Day of the armed forces of the United States.