Festival of the Arts ' Fringe ' in Edinburgh

Every year in August for three weeks, the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh hosts and members of the world's largest arts festival — the Edinburgh Arts Festival "FringeĀ» (Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

Every year at the festival played 32,000 performances and more than two thousand different shows, which are equipped with more than 250 sites around the the city. By the way, admission is traditionally very low, which also serves as the enduring popularity of the festival in the world.

The festival presents all kinds of art — from musicals to comedy, from opera to dance — in short, there is room for anyone, even the most extravagant, art form. Skills of the participants is also not limited in scope — come as amateur and student groups, and well-known artists. Incidentally, one of the translations of the word "FringeĀ» (fringe) may be "all that is nearby," and this word means small and experimental theaters.

History Festival "Fringe" started in 1947. The main feature of the festival is that it does not happen and screening submissions and participants. In the absence of the selection committee and the jury at the festival can be presented and classic plays of ancient Greece and the tragedy , and the ultra-modern works. A lot of experimental work at the festival and numbers that could not be taken on a more formal festivals.

However, the level of professional skills of the participants and is growing every year. The fact that, for example, in 2009 37% of all the shows were world premieres.