Emancipation Day in Jamaica

To be more precise, the holiday is called Emancipation Day on former or existing areas of Britain (Emancipation Day). This holiday is celebrated in the lush fields of the British Caribbean, is in these countries, the official day off.

Jamaica — one of the countries celebrating Emancipation Day. For more than 160 years, the country wanted to be free from slavery and become an independent state. But only 1 August 1834 slavery in the British Empire was officially canceled and all slaves were declared free. However, the "real" freedom came to him four years later, in 1838. A holiday Emancipation Day was first recorded only 1 August 1962.

Many Jamaicans today do not understand what it means "emancipation". However, many books and articles have been written about the abolition of slavery — the most significant event in the history of the Caribbean.

Also on August 1 Emancipation Day marks an island nation in the southern Caribbean — Trinidad and Tobago. Some countries celebrate this day on the first Monday of August.