Day of the Armed Forces Logistics

annually 1 August celebrates the Day of the rear of the armed forces of Russia. This holiday is approved by order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ? 225 of May 7, 1998.

For a point of reference stories rear of the armed forces adopted in 1700. Then on February 18 Peter has signed a decree "On the superintendence of all the fighting men of grain stocks Yazykovo courtiers, with the name of it to this part of the General PROVIANT┬╗.

Was established the first independent supplying bodies — Provision command, who was responsible for the supply of bread, cereals and grain fodder for the army. He exercised centralized food supply, which, as is known, is today one of the types of material support for the troops.

1 August 1941 an actual determination of the armed forces of the rear — the rear was identified as a separate species or genus of the armed forces.

On this day, the Supreme Commander of signed the order of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR ? 0257 "On the organization of the General Logistics Department of the Red Army ..." united in its composition headquarters chief of logistics, management VOSO, Road Administration and inspection rear chief of the Red Army. There was the post of the chief of logistics of the Red Army, which in addition to the General Logistics Department of the Red Army "in all respects" were also subject to the Main Quartermaster Directorate, Office of the fuel supply, sanitary and veterinary control.

The post of Chief of Logistics was introduced as the fronts and armies. Chief of Logistics of the Red Army was appointed Deputy People's Commissar of Defence of the USSR, Lieutenant-General Quartermaster Corps AV Hrulev, his chief of staff — Major-General Quartermaster Corps PV Utkin. Reduction under one principle of the totality of supply, medical and transport structures allowed to establish a complex process logistics of the army.

Today the rear of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as an integral part of the defense capabilities of the state and the link between the economy and the country itself the troops who use the goods produced, is a unified and effective mechanism. It consists of the headquarters of the rear, 9 main and central directorates, 3 services, as well as governments, armies and central organizations, the rear structure of the species and genera of the Armed Forces, military districts and fleets, associations, military units and formations.