Day of the collector

1 August — a professional holiday of workers of collection. On this day in 1939, was created collection service at the State Bank of the USSR.

The need for transportation and protection of cash and valuables occurred simultaneously with their appearance at the end of the IX century in Kievan Rus. The main traders and treasurers of ancient Kyiv were princes and boyars. They provided protection for trade caravans through its teams.

Since ancient times, money is transported either by their owners or people they hired for that purpose and trust. And always, when it was a lot of money, they were accompanied by armed men, ready to protect them from looters.

So, in the XVI century, caravans of merchants SOUROZH accompanied by an imposing security and headed "guest of the head" — a representative of a rich merchant layer, which had a special trust corporation.

With the emergence of the needs of the collection Cash trading enterprises and other organizations and institutions in the delivery of their banks, of the overall function of the collection and transportation of money stood its kind — collection, and with it came the collector and the profession.

Collection (from the Italian incassare — put in a box) — the collection and delivery of cash, foreign currency and other valuables in the bank's operating cash.

The growth of the banking sector of the economy inevitably leads to an increase in cash flow. The emerging problem of carrying valuable cargo contribute to the further development of collection services.