Hawaiian Flag Day

Hawaiian flag was coined by the monarch. In 1816 King Kamehameha the Great (Kamehameha the Great) suggested, in modern terms, the design of the national flag. Eight alternating horizontal stripes — white, red and blue — symbolizing the eight major islands of the State of Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Kauai, Kahoolawe, Molokai, Niihau, and the Big Island. In the upper left corner of the flag of the United Kingdom located reminiscent of the historical relations with the United Kingdom of Hawaii and its protectorate.

And in 1990, the governor of Hawaii John Waihi III (John D. Waihee III) {day-proclaimed 7 31 July 31} {/ day} Happy Hawaiian flag (Ka Hae Hawaii Day).

It is safe to say that it is the union of the Hawaiian Islands and the establishment of a single independent state is the outstanding result of government Kamehameha the Great. Until the moment of accession to the throne of best every monarch of the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago ruled by their leader. The conquest and unification of the island king was recognized all over the world.

Courage and foresight of the monarch contributed to the fact that during the reign of Kamehameha the Great in the state have developed the fur trade, sandalwood, and began to export coffee and pineapples.

Kamehameha the Great attached great importance to relations with Britain. In 1793, as a result of negotiations with the Captain Vancouver, part of the islands was transferred to the UK. But, in reality, the UK had nothing to do with this bargain. It is believed that the design and the elements of the Hawaiian flag resemble the elements of the flag of the Commonwealth and the American flag.

As you know, Hawaii is the only state of the USA, which had in its history, the period of the monarchy. And it is in the flag, as one of the most important symbols of the state, and reflected the desire of today's Hawaiians, and achievements of the past summer in the state of Hawaii, combined Kamehameha the Great. Each year, the Hawaiians noisy and widely celebrated anniversary of the founding of its flag — a symbol of independence and guarantee the sovereignty of the nation.