Day of Trade in Belarus

Until 1998, this professional holiday was celebrated as the Day of Trade , public services and housing and communal services on the fourth Sunday in March.

Decree of the President of Belarus ? 157 from 26 March in 1998 stipulates that the Day of the trade will be celebrated on the last Sunday of July. Please accept my sincere congratulations on your professional holiday, distinguished persons in the trade!

Even in their professional holiday almost 620,000 trade workers celebrate their professional holiday in the workplace. It is thanks to them that we can buy bread, milk, clothes, shoes, favorite newspaper and much more.

To Shop Belarusians can almost round the clock. 60% of grocery stores start their work at 8 am and finish serving buyers after 21 hours. Half of the non-food stores are taking the first buyers at 10 am and will close after 19 pm.

Trade has been and remains one of the most important sectors of the economy and the evolving today more than ever dynamic and rapidly. Each year, in Belarus there are new trading company, from convenience stores to the ultramodern shopping malls and hypermarkets.

Constantly expanding range of products, changing kind of commercial establishments, the quality of services and service levels. Attention and goodwill towards buyers, conscientious attitude to his duties, professionalism are the hallmarks of Trade.

In 1137 {holiday-Russia} {/ holiday} Day of the trade mark on the fourth Sunday of July, and on Ukraine — the last Sunday of July.

Recall that in addition to the Day of Commerce, celebrated in some countries, the international community also celebrates World Day fair Trade on the second Saturday in May.

A 15 March {holiday-celebrated 353} World Consumer Rights Day {/ holiday}.