Day of Commerce in Ukraine

Every year on the last Sunday in July sales workers celebrate their professional Ukraine holiday. Day of Trade (Day prats?vnik?v torg?vl?) is set by the Presidential Decree number 427/95 from June 5 in 1995.

Day of Commerce in Ukraine is celebrated on the last Sunday of July since 1996. Early sales workers celebrated their professional holiday together with the employees of consumer services and utilities workers. The holiday was called — Day of commerce, public services and housing — communal services.

Today congratulations to take all whose specialty is directly related to the field of trade and restaurant business.

In 2005 in Ukraine there were more than 874 thousand retail facilities (food and non-food stores and kiosks) and more than 56,000 objects restaurant facilities. In all economic activities related to trade, dominated by the private sector.

On the third Sunday of March in accordance with the Decree of the President of the State (? 46/94, from 15 February in 1995) celebrates the Day of housing and communal services and public services.

In Russia Day of the trade mark on the fourth Sunday of July, and in Belarus — the last Sunday of July.

Recall that in addition to the Day of Commerce, celebrated in some countries, world community also celebrates The World Fair Trade Day on the second Saturday in May.

A 15 March {holiday-celebrated 353} World Consumer Rights Day {/ holiday}.