Day of PR- specialist

28 July in 2003 by the Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Russian Federation signed the decree on the introduction of the qualifications of specialists in public relations at the National Classification of occupations of workers, employees and positions tariff categories (OKPDTR).

In reference specifications have been made following positions: "The Deputy Director of Public Relations", "Head of Public Relations", "Manager of Public Relations" and "expert on public relations."

July 28, 2004 the Russian PR-community (PR — Public Relations — Public Relations) celebrated the first day of the state registration of a profession. It was then that there was a tradition of the annual Day of PR-specialist.

The process of state registration of the profession began in 2001 on the initiative of the Russian Association of Public Relations (PACO) and was driven primarily by the need for further self-identification and self-organization of internal PR-industry.

State withdrew recognition due to the discharge of the public shadow professions. "Public relations" has acquired the status of such a necessary tool as marketing, advertising and other activities of the organization, contributing to the development of its core business, and, of course, politics.