Day of Navy of Russia

Day of the Navy celebrated in our country in recent Sunday in July on the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR October 1 1980 "On holidays and memorial days." This is one of the most popular in the USSR and then Russia holidays, having informal name Neptune Day.

Creating regular navy in Russia was due to the urgent need for the country to overcome the territorial, political and cultural isolation of being on the the turn of 17-18 centuries the main obstacle to economic and social development of the Russian state.

The first Russian warship was created with Alexis. It was built designed by the Dutch shipbuilder Colonel Cornelius Vanbukovena. "Eagle" was a perfect boat for those times. Its length is 24.5 m, width — 6.5 m, and the draft — 1.5 m The ship was armed with 22 guns. The crew consisted of 22 sailors and 35 archers. The name of the battle ship is named after the national emblem.

VMFV Day Parade in October 1696 decision of the Boyar Duma legislatively defined the creation of the Russian Navy and marked the beginning of its construction. "Sea ships to be!" — Such was the will not only of the young Russian Tsar Peter, but his followers are well aware that without a fleet of state can not make a new step in its development.

In many shipyards are scattered throughout Russia, the Russian Navy ships were built of different classes. By the spring of 1700 had been launched 40 sailing and rowing vessels 113. Azov fleet was constantly replenished. Having successfully solved the problem of the south, Peter I set a goal at all costs get out on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Began a long Northern War with Sweden (1700-1721).

Today the Navy (Navy), as a service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, is designed to protect the interests of the Russian armed, combat operations at sea and ocean theaters of war. Navy is able to deliver nuclear strikes against enemy targets on land, to destroy the grouping of its fleet at sea, and the bases, disrupt ocean and sea lanes the enemy and protect their maritime transport, to promote land forces in operations in continental theaters of operations, amphibious assault forces to land, engage in reflection of assault the enemy and perform other tasks.

Emblem Russian Navy Russian Navy includes surface and submarine forces, naval aviation and coastal troops Navy (Marine Corps and coastal defense forces), as well as ships and vessels of special purpose units and elements behind. In addition, there is the Navy Hydrographic Service. Strategic formation of the Russian Navy are: Baltic, North, Black, {holiday-Pacific} 740 {/ holiday } fleets and the Caspian Flotilla.

In the Navy truly heroic biography, glorious naval and military traditions. It is considered as a source of pride and love of Russian citizens. His story — it is persistent military work, great discoveries and achievements, deeds committed to the glory of the Fatherland. With the active participation of many generations of sailors in the grim years of testing our country defended their right to independence, sovereignty and prosperity.

Russia — a great sea power. It won the right to be the generations of our countrymen, whose courage and dedication, brilliant victories in naval battles courted unfading glory to the country and its Navy.