Day of Trade in Russia

Since the time of ancient Russia trade plays an important role in the economic and even the political life of the country. With the development of market relations profession Seller has become one of the most popular and sought after. And if in the Middle Ages traded mostly men, it is now the industry is traditionally considered feminine.

In their professional holiday celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July, much of the heroes of the occasion being congratulated, as a rule, workplace.

developed service sector of the population attests to the economic and social well-being of society. In recent years, this sector is booming. Progressive forms of trade — is the result of a vast, highly professional work of all those involved in this field.

Due diligence of Trade solve one of the most important social objectives — meeting the needs of the population in goods and services.

Day of commerce, public services and utilities was celebrated in the Soviet Union since 1966. But, later on, by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR number 9724-XI of November 1, 1988 "On Amendments to the legislation of the USSR on holidays and memorial days" Day of Trade was moved to the third Sunday in March. And officially this day a holiday and should be celebrated.

However, until now, not just individual trade organizations, but even some of the regional power structures continue to celebrate the feast of the "old way" — the fourth Sunday of July.

Thus, we can say that in Russia, in fact, two days of trade workers, one in March and one in July.

In Ukraine and Belarus Day of trade notes the last Sunday of July.

Recall that in addition to the Day of Commerce, celebrated in some countries, the international community also celebrates The World Fair Trade Day on the second Saturday in May.

A 15 March {holiday-celebrated 353} World Consumer Rights Day {/ holiday}.