Balloon Festival in New Jersey

Balloon Festival in New Jersey (Festival of Ballooning ) — is one of the biggest festivals of aeronautics in North America, as well as a spectacular and very popular event. It is held annually on the last weekend of July, the airport Solberg Redington (NJ, USA), and dates back to 1983.

I must say that this festival of balloons, not only has long history, but also among the hundred best festivals of America, and was awarded a prize as "Best Special Event". Every year, visitors and participants of this festival are about 200,000 people, with many people come here with their families and with all of America and other countries.

For three days, the sky over the airport Solberg in Redington brighten all the colors of the rainbow, when over hundreds of balloons rise into the sky at the same time, and among them more time to maneuver paratroopers. It is an indescribable sight! Shaped Balloons — a festival highlight

The highlight of the festival are shaped balloons or decorative balloons. This is a huge figure of diverse subjects: the proud eagle over 40 meters high with an incredible wingspan, yet more giant rabbit tireless Energizer; American flag, a giant weighing about 200 kg; tysyachelitrovaya super-bank Pepsi, a huge model of the Earth Flat Earth ...

addition demostratsionnyh launches curly balloons fly around the neighborhood on Redington sports balloons or just climbs to an altitude, pilots and experts also talk about how the flight proceeds, the physics of the balloon, how to manage it, and, of course, interesting stories about their experiences and flights at short and long distances (even intercontinental).

Spectators wishing to break away from the mortal lands to the "grandfather of Aeronautics" — or just fly up to a height, for a fee, too can feel the joy of flying birds and feel.

On the ground, in the days of the festival program also overrun with holiday activities. Sometimes just physically do not have enough time to see all the views and take part in all the activities that take place during the festival. But everyone will find something for everyone.

Fireworks completes each day of the festival is organized for children's playgrounds, regular contests, performances by clowns ... For adults — extreme rides, exhibitions, concerts, musical shows, the ability to go shopping on a giant fair, where the mass of the pavilions or open sheds with all sorts of goods. Reigns over all this industry, "fast food" — around the tent with grilled meat, potatoes, all sorts of varieties of soda, ice cream, etc.

At the end of each day of the holiday crowd, already stunned by the abundance of entertainment, offering luxury and an evening fireworks show balloons with lights and music.

air balloon festival in New Jersey — a truly grand and beautiful spectacle, where everyone has a unique opportunity to get an unforgettable experience and the holiday, and travel from a hot air balloon.