Day of the system administrator

Every year, on the last Friday of July, the administrators of corporate and home networking, databases, mail systems, software systems, and other "soldier" celebrate their professional holiday — Day of the system administrator. Or, in the American version — Day votes administrator (System Administrator Appreciation Day).

They say that being a sysadmin is akin to the medical profession — if all works well for him and do not remember, but if does not work — remember all the sysadmin and actively require help!

The founder of the festival is considered to be an American, a system administrator from Chicago Ted Kekatos (Ted Kekatos), to calculate that at least once a year, system administrators need to feel gratitude on the part of users. The first time this has become a popular holiday was marked by 28 July in 1999.

One of the possible signs of gratitude — homemade cake prigotovleniyaPrazdnik confidently entered the international arena — except for America and it is celebrated in Russia.

In this day people celebrate the humble toilers "invisible front" that protect the well-being of corporate networks and computers — it is from them depends the successful work of the company.

And what's more — if you read this, thank a sysadmin, and remember that he or she — is only one of hundreds or even thousands of people whose work emails without fail come to your box, is Internet connection to any corner of the planet, come and read your favorite mailing useful sites.