Fire Service Day in Belarus

25 July in the 1853 provincial board Minsk and the Minsk City Council, having considered the question, "On the establishment of the fire station in Minsk," the approved cost estimates for the fire department in the 51 man. From this moment begins the story of a professional fire service in Belarus, and on July 25 is the day of its founding.

Then fire departments were organized in Vitebsk, Mogilev and other Belarusian cities.

September 11 in 1998 by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on the basis of which the militant fire brigade was withdrawn from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and is attached to the Ministry of Emergency Situations .

Currently, the Emergencies Ministry set up and operate 17 special services, including fire service and rescue, chemical and radiation safety, engineering, diving, medical, blasting-technical, aviation, search and rescue, paratrooper, pontoon, canine.