World Day of whales and dolphins

Today the world celebrates the World Day of whales and dolphins (World Whale and Dolphin Day). This holiday was established in 1986, when the International Whaling Commission (International Whaling Commission: IWC), after 200 years of ruthless extermination, imposed a ban on whaling. Ban is in effect to this day, and means that the world whaling and trade in whale meat is prohibited.

However, today is the day to protect not only the whales, but also of all marine mammals. Every year on this day, various environmental groups hold rally in defense of the whales and other marine mammals. Most environmentalists unite and dedicate this day one of the unique protection of the species, which is in mortal danger or disappearance.

In the seas of Russia lives a few dozen species of whales, dolphins and tyuleneyOsoboe value of this day is for Russia, as in the seas of our country inhabited by dozens of species of whales, dolphins and seals. Many of them are threatened with extinction and are listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Noteworthy that July 23 — not only date, many countries establish national days of whales. So, for example, Australia, since 2008, has decided to celebrate the National Day of whales on the first Saturday of June, and in America, the World Day of whales during the traditional celebration of the summer solstice — June 21.

should be noted that there is another date for the events of the World Day of whales and dolphins — February 19.