Metallurgist Day

wide variety of blue-collar occupations in manufacturing has led to the emergence of nation-wide industry events, which include Metallurgist Day.

Metallurgy — one of the most important industries. Also — this is an area of ??science and technology, covering the processes for the production of metals from ores or other materials, changes in the chemical composition, structure and properties of metal alloys, metal, giving a certain form.

Without metallurgists — industry experts — would can not provide work of heavy and light industries, and our everyday lives with you.

professional holiday — Day of the metallurgist is important for everyone who creates metal miracles. On the eve of the Day of Metallurgist unite workers of different professions — from steel maker, to superintendent. After all, the profession of the metallurgist is not an easy call, so the professional holiday of workers of the metallurgical industry is a special feeling congratulate her famous masters.

The Editorial Board of the "Calendar of events" congratulates all metallurgists and veterans of the industry with their professional holiday. We wish that the industry has developed for the benefit of Russia to intensively developed industry sub-sectors that improve the productivity and working conditions of workers and engineers.