Day of Belarusian Science

On the last Sunday of January in Belarus celebrates the Day of Belarusian Science.

leading research and academic center of the country is the National Academy of Sciences, founded in 1928. Today, it brings together highly qualified scientists from various disciplines and dozens of research, scientific production, design and promotional organizations.

The National Academy of Sciences has more than 18,000 researchers, technicians and service personnel, many of whom are doctors and candidates of sciences.

recently in the scientific field of the Republic was held a series of reforms, the main idea of ??which — the creation of the so-called science of the parallel economy. But the problem is that, despite the existence of the necessary regulatory framework conditions for the emergence and effective development of small innovative companies (they must be the basis of the parallel economy) this is not the most favorable. But large companies do not always have enough money for new developments.

The result is updated annually in the country is not more than 2-3% of the agricultural and industrial products, and in order to make it competitive, today we need to update the not less than 15%.

One of the most important indicators of scientific activity — research intensity of GDP — in recent years is about 1%. This is higher than in most of the CIS countries, but much lower than in the comparable with Belarus in size and population of Finland and Sweden, where the research intensity of GDP is 3%. Still, in the coming years will be to increase this figure to 1.8%.