International Chess Day

For many years, since 1966, in all the world 20 July mark the International Chess Day (International Chess Day). This festival is held under the decision of FIDE — the World Chess Federation (World Chess Federation, FIDE), {event-founded in 1029} 1924 {/ event}.

Name of the game comes from the Persian: Shah mat — ruler died. India is the birthplace of chess. There appeared in the V century predecessor of chess — the game Chaturanga. In Russia, chess appeared at about 9 (or 10) century.

Chess — a board game on a 64-cell board on which are 32 pieces (for 16 pieces of white and black). Play 2 partner. The aim of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king.

Almost every town has a chess club (sometimes more than one) in which the fans are going to this sport. On the International Day of chess in these clubs, tournaments, live entertainment, an amateur lecture on exchange of experience playing.