National Hot Dog Day in the U.S.

No one knows for sure where the notion of "hot- dog ", but it is known that in 1893 was declared a great year," sausage in a bun».

National Hot Dog Day (National Hot Dog Day) was officially established by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1957.

In 1994, a National Council of hot dogs and sausages (The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council), has been studying the quality of the product, and advertising tasting hot dog.

Traditionally, members of the Board of lovers hot dog sausages and hold competitions on the art of cooking hot dogs, proclaiming the 4 basic rules:

Persons older than 18 years old are not allowed in hot water dog with ketchup;

hot dog in a bun is not a dish, but only hands;

Seasoning, remaining on hand, you can not wash off, you need to lick your fingers;

Do not place hot dog on elegant china, it's just not compatible with the concept of "hot dog — National American food».

Statistics say that in recent years the consumption of hot dogs has increased, and the average American eats about 60 hot dogs a year.

In U.S. Independence Day Americans consume about 150 million hot dogs. If you stretch this hot dog chain, it can be five times to cover the distance between Washington DC and Los Angeles.