Date of creation of the state fire supervision

reference point in the history of the state fire control was the signing in This day in 1927, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars of the "Regulations on the bodies of the State Fire Supervision in the USSR." A draft of this provision was to fire national conference in May 1926.

In the newly created bodies of a legally acquired a role in the development of fire prevention in the field of fire prevention and fire fighting supervision for fire safety organizations, technical normalization of fire equipment, gear and equipment, the management of all automatic fire extinguishing and fire alarm , review of statutes volunteer fire organizations and promote the development of fire-technical education in the country.

began the systematic implementation of preventive measures: all the major oil fields and factories have been held fire-technical surveys. Fire safety issues were the subject of widespread agitation and propaganda. In the workshops, factories, residential sector created a special cell for fire prevention and control. And in Leningrad (now — St. Petersburg) at the Institute of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering was established for Fire Protection, which first started cooking fire experts.

holiday was celebrated for the first time all the officers of the FPG in 2007.