Constitution Day in South Korea

Constitution Day in South Korea (Jeheonjeol / Constitution Day in South Korea) is celebrated annually July 17 — is the day of the proclamation of the Constitution in 1948. Constitution Day was officially approved October 1 in 1949 after the introduction of the law on public holidays of the country.

First Republic of South Korea was formally established 18 August in 1948.

Since 2008, Constitution Day is a holiday for workers and employees, although it is considered a holiday. On this day, no special measures except for official celebrations in Seoul and major cities of South Korea, is not carried out. Also, over the years have become traditional marathon races that are held in different parts of the country.

History of South Korea starts with the Soviet-American agreement at the end of the summer of 1945 on the division of spheres of influence in Peninsula. Under this contract, part of Korea to the south of the 38th parallel passed under the jurisdiction of the United States, northern same — the jurisdiction of the Soviet Union.

In the country's history alternated periods of democratic and authoritarian control. Since its founding, South Korea has come a long way in the development of their education, economy and culture. In the 1960s, the country was one of the poorest in the region, then as now — this is a developed industrial state.