St. Swithun 's Day in the UK

15 July, the Day of St. Swithun in England, people with special attention watching the weather — a long tradition dictates that what the weather will be at St. Swithun's Day, so it will be within the next 40 days.

believed that if St. Swithun the rain, the rain will continue for 40 days (If it rains on St. Swithun's Day, it will rain for 40 days).

St. Swithun of Winchester (St. Swithun of Winchester ) — English bishop, known for his charitable gifts and building churches. In Britain, it is revered as "the patron saint of weather».

The legend states that while lying on the bed of a dying, the bishop asked to be buried on the outside of the castle, so that rain water can freely of his remains. Bishop died 15 July 862 and was buried in the walls of Winchester Cathedral.

His will was done in 9 years, until July 15, the 971 monks of Winchester Castle is not attempted to move his remains inside — a magnificent temple. According to legend, during the reburial heavy rain fell, and then torrential rains also went to each anniversary of the death of Bishop.

Symbols of St. Swithun, other than the legend of the rain, are planted with apple trees bishop. In England, they say that you should not eat apples before the Day of St. Swithun.