Fisherman's Day

man from time immemorial turned his gaze to the sea, river , the lake in the hope of finding water in the open spaces of the rich and lasting fount of sustenance. Gradually, there was a special group of people — fishermen who at first an amateur, but with time and professional, have to provide us with delicious fish.

And it is not surprising that at the height of summer, on the second Sunday of July in some countries a professional holiday — Day of the fisherman.

Fishery, which includes not only the catch of sea and river fish, but also other aquatic animals, has become one of the leading industries in many countries, and is the main export item. On an industrial scale fishing is done in order to use it for food, as well as for fish oil.

Along with other countries, Russia also notes that professional holiday. Fisherman's Day is officially celebrated in Russia since 1980, being one of the favorite summer holidays as fishermen themselves — a special brotherhood, which unites people of different ages and occupations — and the people who have never held a fishing rod.

In This day can congratulate all those who joined with the life of this romantic and sophisticated profession, as well as all those for whom fishing — a sport, a hobby, a special state of mind, a way to merge with nature.

Recall that World Fisheries Day is celebrated every year on June 27.