Day of Russian Post

references to the mail found in the written monuments of thousands of years, but The state regular postal service Russia dates back to the reforms of Peter the Great.

In 1693 in Arkhangelsk was founded the first Russian shipyard, and for the establishment of a regular e-mail messages between Moscow and Arkhangelsk Peter has issued a decree on the organization of the internal mail line route Moscow — Pereslavl' Zaleski — Rostov — Yaroslavl — Vologda — Archangelsk.

The Ordinance regulate the carriage of mail, equipping the inns (yams), the responsibility for the safety of mail, uniforms coachmen, terms of recruitment, the responsibilities for the construction and maintenance of roads. Establish a regular mail message instructed the Vicar of Northern land, whose residence was in Yaroslavl.

300 years, taking into account the role of the Russian post in the historical development of the Russian state, the Presidential Decree number 944 of 16 May 1994 was set holiday — the Day of Russian Post, celebrated annually on the second Sunday of July.

Today, in addition to traditional services, the federal postal service, have been widely developed new services: electronic, hybrid, and express mail, the realization of the press and other goods at retail, payment of utilities and other payments, mail-order sales, distribution of advertising materials, transportation of goods, photocopying and laminating documents, photographic services and many others.

Postal services are available in more than 40 thousands of post offices. Used for the carriage of mail over 450 postal vans, about 17,000 vehicles, more than 360 flights.

Russian postal service receive, process and deliver more than 1 billion letters of 3 billion prints, 12 million parcels and 44 million of remittances per year.