Day fjord in Scandinavia

Day fjord lasts 3 days — from 12 to July 14. It is an international celebration of the Scandinavian countries, which are found in abundance fjord.

According to the dictionary fjord — (from the Swedish fjard) is a shallow bays with low but steep and rocky shores. Fjords occur when the penetration of the sea (lake) to the depressed portions of sushi.

Western Norway is particularly famous fjords in each of the four provinces of western Norway has its own unique natural masterpieces. In the northern province — More og Romsdal — the world-famous Geiranger fjord, which is known for its powerful cascading waterfalls. Geiranger fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day fjord in Denmark began to celebrate in 1991 in order to draw public attention to the state of the coastal waters in the country.

During the celebration held eco-regional conferences, film screenings on environmental issues, the exhibition of paintings and photographs, musical evenings and concerts, meetings with famous art and culture.