Sheaf Day of Veles

Velez taught to plow the land of our forefathers,
Cereals and sowing, and harvesting the straw in the fields of the busy,
and put a bundle in the home,
and honor Him as God the Father.
«Veles book», III 8/2 /

Days decrease, but the heat arrives. With the start of the day Veles mowing hay, "make hay while the sun shines — the dew off, and we go home!". On this day, read the latest related Sheaf, which was believed mowers, while mowing the field passed the spirit, so also the spirit of Veles.

In these days of peasants plowing ended and began preparing for sowing of winter crops. This was common proverb: "Until the day of Veles plow to Perunova vzboronit days before the Savior — sow." All agricultural work patronized Velez.

On this day revered as a sacred stone Sura (or two stones God and Bozhihu: the stones of Veles and the Storm Yagi). By Sura — the entrance to hell. Ognischane remembered that only Velez was able to fork out the Sura of the entrance, and because the dead can not get into Nav, bypassing Veles.