Feast of the glorious and vsehvalnyh Apostles Peter and Paul

12 July Orthodox Church celebrates the glorious and vsehvalnyh Apostles Peter and Paul. This day ends with Petrov post.

The Apostle Peter — a native of Bethsaida, the brother of Andrew, lived with his family in Capernaum and was a fisherman. His name was Simon Peter and the name (which means stone) he received from Jesus Christ. Peter's life is illuminated in the Gospel narrative over the other apostles, because all the time he was with Christ, especially hard was attached to him, the first unconditionally believe in Godly appointment of the Lord. For this he was awarded a special closeness to the Lord.

Christ, approving Peter in the apostolic calling, repeated three times: "Feed my sheep." And Peter was one of the most courageous preachers of the Gospel. Even on the day of Pentecost, he turned to the Christian faith first 5000, and then another 3,000 people.

Peter glorified by many healings, and in Joppa raised Tabitha from the dead, fearlessly bore witness to Christ before the Jews and the court of the Sanhedrin, was twice imprisoned in the dungeon, doomed to death, but after a miraculous release angel did not abandon his preaching feat. He traveled to different countries of the East and the West. Peter died a martyr in Rome in about '57. Condemned to the cross, he asked him crucified upside down, believing himself unworthy to die as Lord.

The Apostle Paul was named Saul, which means "vyproshenny", "begged" and only some time after the conversion to Christ came to be called Paul. He was a native of Tarsus, whose residents enjoy the rights of Roman citizens, and was educated at Gamaliel, Famous Jewish rabbis of the time. Saul grew fierce defender of the domestic law and the traditions of our fathers. The evangelical preaching of the apostles brought his hot anger, and he became one of their main persecutors.

In the Book of Acts tells of the sudden blindness Saul during a procession in Damascus: "And he was three days without sight, and did not eat nor drank "(9:9). And then there was a miracle cure Saul's one of the disciples of Christ, after which he received his sight, Saul believed in Christ and became a preacher of his teaching: "And straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues ...ยป (9:20).

The Apostle Paul, as the Apostle Peter, worked hard to spread the Christian faith, and rightly worshiped along with him "pillar" of the Church of Christ and the Apostles. They both died as martyrs in Rome under the emperor Nero, and their memory is celebrated on the same day.

The Catholic Church celebrates Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul June 29.