World Day of Civil Aviation Flight Attendant

Today is his birthday is celebrated by the representatives of one of the most romantic in the majors world — the stewards of Civil Aviation, better known to us as stewards and stewardesses.

It may seem surprising, but this profession for over 80 years. It is believed that it originated in Germany in 1928, when on the plane began to take a special person, whose duty was to provide service during the flight — flight attendant. Before doing this the second pilot of the plane that was risky from the point of view of safety of flight.

First Flight Attendant functions performed by men — most often they were former waiters expensive restaurants. However, in 1930 the United States had the idea to recruit attractive young women — it was supposed to be additional advertising passenger traffic. There is another argument in favor of the fair sex: they weigh less, which was of great importance to the aircraft of the time.

The first flight attendant in the history of aviation is called Ellen Church ( Ellen Church, September 22 1904 — on August 22 1965) from the State of Iowa. In its first flight in that capacity, she went 15 May in 1930, the aircraft followed by flight San Francisco — Cheyenne.

Ellen Church and previews squad styuardessEllen graduated from nursing school, in addition to private lessons took control of the aircraft — it was the decisive argument in its favor: she herself has offered its services to the airline. Moreover, it was Miss Church was asked to type the first group of flight attendants to prepare future, they have seven nurses under 25 years of age and weighing less than 52 kilograms.

Today, flight attendant weight is not so important. But the selection of staff often uses the principle of the "Three O": this is the image of the external (speech, facial expressions, makeup, visual appeal), the image of the internal (the presence of the necessary traits), the image of a professional (professional knowledge and skills).

The primary responsibility of modern flight attendant — to ensure the safety of passengers during the flight. In addition, the stewards and stewardesses are doing everything to make passengers feel comfortable.