World Day of Chocolate

Today fans celebrate World Day of sweet chocolate (World Chocolate Day ). Day chocolate was first coined by the French in 1995.

It is believed that the first learned how to make chocolate the Aztecs. They called him the "food of the gods." The Spanish conquistadors who first brought it to Europe, dubbed treat "black gold" and used to enhance physical strength and endurance.

Later chocolate consumption in Europe was limited to the aristocratic circles. Prominent women considered chocolate an aphrodisiac. So, had a passion for chocolate, and Mrs. Pompadour was sure that only chocolate can ignite the fire of passion. Only in the early 20th century with the advent of the chocolate industry were able to enjoy and people do not belong to the aristocracy.

The world's first monument to chocolate opened on July 1, 2009 in the Cover of the Vladimir region as established by modern science, chocolate contains elements that promote relaxation and psychological recovery. Dark chocolates stimulate the release of endorphins — happy hormones that affect the pleasure center, improve mood and tone of the body support.

There is also a hypothesis that chocolate has "anti-cancer" effect and is able to slow down the aging process. But that's what scientists agree, it's the ability to deny the chocolate to lose body weight! It is well known that chocolate is rich in nutrients, including fat, and hence calories.