Festival "Taste of Chicago "

Festival "Taste of Chicago» (Taste of Chicago) — it is the largest food festival in the Midwest, which is held annually in July in Chicago (Illinois, USA). Traditionally, the holiday food and music lasts for five days.

The tradition of the festival was initiated in 1980. It was a one-day event "Taste of Chicago" in U.S. Independence Day, July 4, funded by the city authorities. Then came a feast for gourmets 250,000 people. Since then the festival every year more and more expanded and geographically and over time.

Today "Taste of Chicago" — is a major and an international event, attracting millions of fans of delicious food. The festival participants — representatives of the catering business Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and other cities. Guests of the festival has traditionally become not only Americans, but also many foreigners, for "Taste of Chicago" is considered one of the major tourist events Illinois. Every year it is visited by more than 3 million people.

The festival takes place in Grant Park (Grant Park) in downtown Chicago in the open. The park territory is crowded with colorful tents and awnings, where there is a cooking and tasting all kinds of dishes. The choice of dishes presented at the festival, is huge (and — from ethnic to exotic). Every day, more than 70 restaurants in the city are offering their best dishes, like the original recipes as well as in classical performance. And all this diversity of culinary delights are located in one place, visitors can try out. «Taste of Chicago" — is the largest food festival in the Midwest (Photo: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich, Shutterstock)

Of course, the guests of the festival in the first place, may meet with a menu of Chicago restaurants and cafes: curry, guacamole, tacos, pizza in the Chicago, Chicago hot dogs, Chicago BBQ, Ellis cheesecake, ice cream and a variety of desserts. But also are well represented and national cuisines: Italian, Mexican, Irish, French, African, Chinese.

Mistake to assume that the "Taste of Chicago" — a festival of fast food burgers and pizza though — here are the most popular dishes, and mayonnaise and ketchup — the best-selling sauces. For food lovers, vegetarians at the festival also offers a variety of signature dishes of vegetables and fruits from the best chefs.

I must say that the restaurants are presenting their menu at the festival, are well aware of the benefits of participation in this event therefore, in addition to preparing meals, they also conduct various workshops and chefs that show how to cook Asian, European and American dishes and how to serve.
On the main stage of the park is favored by many famous artists
But the festival program is not limited to some tastings. Apart from the food as part of a holiday many cultural events. Digest and burn calories eaten can be right there, taking part in various competitions and dancing to the live music of different styles and directions. On the main stage of the park is favored by many famous artists. Among the performers of past years — Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, LL Cool J, Elvis Costello and many others.

For children and their parents at the festival also is where the fun. Organizers are building an entire Familial village where mass entertainment: games, contests, songs and dances, carousel rides, shows and clowns.

Since the "Taste of Chicago" in the last years of the captured very important for Americans to date — 4 July (original festival was longer and started at the end of June) on the eve of Independence Day — July 3 evening — at the festival grandiose fireworks.

Festival "Taste of Chicago" is always full of fun and surprises for the guests. The main thing to remember that it requires a visit to the shutter speed and strength of mind — it will have to resist the temptation to try everything. One thing is certain — sad or hungry here yet no one left!