Australia Day

Australia Day (Australia Day) marks the beginning of the development of the Green Continent Europeans. on January 26 in 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip (Arthur Phillip) landed in the Bay of Sydney, raised the British flag and founded the first colony — New South Wales.

This happened 18 years after the discovery of the continent by Captain James Cook.

Phillip named the new settlement "Sydney" by the name of Thomas Townshend, first Viscount Sydney, secretary of the British Empire in the years 1784-89, who gave the order to send the fleet.

The first fleet consisted of two warships — Sirius and Sepplaya — and nine commodity. There is a record that the ships were 192 female prisoners, 564 men, 450 sailors, civilian and military personnel, 28 wives and 30 children.

Australia Day — a holiday favorite Australians (Photo: Leah-Anne Thompson, Shutterstock) Until 1808, this day was celebrated as the day of the first landing or Foundation Day. In 1818 — on the 30th anniversary of the colony — Governor Makkuaeri ordered to make 30-gun salute and gave civil servants the day off. Soon, banks have adopted this tradition and many community organizations. In 1888, the capital of all the colonies (except Adelaide) celebrated the centenary of the first landing of the fleet as the day of the anniversary, and by 1935 all states of the country celebrated January 26 as Australia Day.

For a long time, regular holiday fell on Monday closest to January 26. Since 1994, regular holiday and all the celebration falls on January 26.

Australia Day — a holiday favorite Australians. Across the country, played the landing of the First Fleet, hosts numerous regattas and parades. The celebration marks the numerous fireworks. The greatest light show held annually in the third largest city in the country — Perth.

In Australia Day in Sydney kicks off music festival in Adelaide — a cricket match. In Canberra, live music, as well as the presentation of one of the most prestigious awards of the country — Australian of the year. Traditionally, the address to the nation, the Prime Minister said.

Across the country hosts numerous regattas ( Photo: oksana.perkins, Shutterstock) Australia Day — the perfect time to wear a T-shirt, hat, socks (yes everything!) with the Australian flag and wearing it with undisguised pride. And it's time to decorate the house with balloons and flags — to make it look festive. Then there is this tradition colleagues Australians working abroad, give them gifts on this day. Employees are allowed to Australians-long lunch ... or even the opportunity to leave work early.

While the majority of Australians of British descent, January 26 — holiday, many Aboriginal people see it as a day of mourning. As the true owners of land, the natives believe that this historical fact the beginning of the loss of their rights to live as they have lived for 40,000 years. Therefore, indigenous Australians today are working hard to restore the law and bring back respect for their culture and traditions.