Day of the Control and Audit Service of Ukraine

26 January in 1993 signed the Law number 2939-XII «On State Control and Revision Service of Ukraine." Since January 26, the country celebrated their professional holiday — Day of the Control and Audit Service of Ukraine.

Auditing Service of Ukraine is part of the executive branch of government.

The functions control service include:
audits and inspections of financial activities, the state of preservation of cash and property, accuracy of accounting and reporting, and auditing and verification of the completeness of the posting, accuracy and security of foreign exchange expenditure of funds in the ministries and other executive authorities, public funds in budgetary institutions, as well as in enterprises, institutions and organizations that receive funds from the state budget and from foreign funds.

And "the main task of the State Control and Revision Service
is the implementation of the state financial control
use and preservation of public financial resources. "