World Day Kiss

Well, kiss me, kiss,
At least until the blood, at least until the pain.
not in harmony with the will of the Cold
Boiling water jets heart.

Today everyone can "share their souls" with full rights — July 6 is World Day Kiss (World Kiss Day or World / International Kissing Day), which was first invented in the UK. A couple of decades ago, it was approved by the United Nations. In many cities the day hosts various competitions kisses, participants have a chance to win a variety of prizes and gifts.

How was the kiss? Most people in the know said that the authorship of the first kiss is not established. He had not been invented, such as electricity or telephone. He was not named after the man who first joined his lips and then pried them with a distinctive sound, leaving a wet mark on her cheek girlfriend.

Yes, in general, it does not matter where it came from the word for this action. Much more interesting to know why there was the action itself, but this account anthropologists, historians and philosophers have so far not agreed. There are so many theories.


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