International Day of Cooperatives

In 1992, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 47/90 of December 16 The General Assembly proclaimed the first Saturday in July 1995 by the International Day of Cooperatives (International Day of Cooperatives).

In 1995 marks the centenary of the International Cooperative Alliance — an association of organizations with 760 million cooperative members in 100 countries. The scope of cooperatives range from small and modest private enterprises to large companies with multi-million dollar.

In 1994, the Assembly of the United Nations, recognizing that cooperatives are one of the essential factors of socio-economic development and invited governments, international organizations , the specialized agencies and national and international cooperative organizations to celebrate the day annually on the first Saturday in July.

The purpose of the International Day of Cooperatives — to attract the world's attention to cooperatives and to facilitate the development of partnerships between the international cooperative movement and other subjects of international law, including government and non-governmental organizations at all levels.


The beginning of the modern co-operative movement can be considered as the initiative of a small group of weavers who created in 1844 the first consumer cooperative in the English town Rochdale. Thus, the "Society of Equitable Pioneers rochdeylskih" made the first step towards gaining the working of economic freedom and independence.

Half a century later, in 1895, in London, was created by the International Co-operative Alliance, which became one of the first NGOs working closely with the United Nations after the founding of the latter in 1945.