International Day of the Dnieper

the first Saturday of July marks the International Day of the Dnieper River — one of the the most tranquil and majestic plains of the rivers, which ranks third in Europe in length and basin area (after the Volga and the Danube).

It is connected with the Dnieper history of the Slavic peoples — from the source to the mouth of the river flows through the right of the three Slavic countries: Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In the natural state the length of the Dnieper was 2285 km. Now, when it built a cascade of reservoirs, and the channel of the river in many places is straightened, the length was reduced to 2,201 km. The total area of ??the basin of the Dnieper — 504,000 square kilometers.

Most of the Dnieper flows through the territory of Ukraine — the length of his bed in the borders of this country is 981 km, the basin area — 291.4 thousand square kilometers. On the Ukrainian section of the Dnieper has 26 cities, including Kiev — the capital of Ukraine. It is no coincidence Dnieper Ukrainians believe their main water artery: it supplies water to about 70 percent of the population.

On the territory of Belarus, the length of the Dnieper River is 595 kilometers away, in the territory of Russia — 485 kilometers.

International Day of the Dnieper River is not considered the official date set at the legislative level. However, the tradition of celebrating it in the first weekend of July was already fixed in all three "Dnipro" countries.

In 2011, the Public Council under the Gosvodagentstve Ukraine appealed to the Supreme Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers and other authorities with a proposal to fix the date set for the holiday July 7, and initiate its official recognition in Russia and Belarus.

The aim of this festival, which was conceived organizers, should be to attract public attention to contemporary problems of the Dnipro basin, as well as the dissemination of information on how to address these issues and future directions of cooperation at different levels.