International Day of Customs

In November 1952, entered into force, the Convention on the establishment of the Council customs cooperation. on January 26 in 1953 in Brussels, the first session of the Customs Cooperation Council, in 1994, got its present name — the WCO (World Customs Organization). It presented the heads of customs services of their 17 European countries.

30 years later, in 1983, that this day was chosen as the annual celebration of the International Day of Customs Officer (International Customs Day). Ideas Customs community received a great response.

Relatively quickly from a modest organization that brings together a limited number of European countries, the Customs Cooperation Council has become a respected organization of international scope. Currently, the World Customs Organization brings together 162 of the state.

International Day of Customs is an occasion not only for the international solidarity of customs services of the world, but also to attract public attention to the importance of the role of customs in the economic and social development of society.

Today their professional holiday is celebrated more than 800 million people — that is the total number of customs officials around the world. Russian customs service, numbering 68,000 people, is one of the largest. Recall that the Russian customs officials celebrate the national Day of Customs October 25.