Gyre Maitreya ( Maidari — Khural )

Festival is dedicated to the coming to earth of Maitreya — the Buddha of the Future global period . So in Buddhism is called the period of time that comes after the period of 'rule our world of Shakyamuni Buddha. "

According to the teachings of Mahayana Buddha Maitreya resides in the Tushita heaven, preach there Teaching (Dharma), gods and expects time will come upon the earth. This time will come when the life expectancy of people on earth will reach 84,000 years, and the world will rule chakravartin — just ruler-Buddhist. According to the Mahayana sutras, the Buddha Sakyamuni before reborn on Earth, was also embodied in the Tushita Heaven. Having decided to make his last rebirth in the human world and is already down from heaven Tushita, Sakyamuni put his crown on the head of the Maitreya Buddha.

Maidari-Khural is one of the most solemn holidays, on which monasteries gathers a huge number of people. On this day, after the festive prayer service of the temple sculpture of Maitreya endure, put it under the canopy of the chariot, which harnessed sculpture of a horse or an elephant. Surrounded by the faithful chariot slowly makes a detour around the monastery, moving along the sun.

One group of monks drives the chariot, others are ahead or behind it, reading prayers. This procession is moving throughout the day along the outer wall, long stopping at every turn to her prayers and tea. Hence the name of the holiday — "gyre of Maitreya." The triumph completed an offering holiday treats and gifts to members of the monastic community.

Unlike other Buddhas, Maitreya is usually depicted sitting on a throne with their pants down the legs. His characteristic attributes of a golden color, stupa, a vase with a drink of immortality (Amrita) and the wheel of the Dharma. Especially popular cult of Maitreya in Central Asia, and it is there in many monasteries have his giant statues. His name is often mentioned in the comments of Buddhist literature.