Day of the Constitution of Armenia

5 July 1995 draft of the Basic Law, prepared by the ideologues of the then ruling party in the country — the Armenian National Movement — was put to a national referendum and approved by the people of Armenia. The Basic Law of 1995 was the first Constitution of the independent Armenian Republic for which it lives.

In 2005, the Constitution was amended, which were approved in a national referendum November 27.

Article 1 of the Constitution reads as follows:
Ā«Armenia — a sovereign, democratic, social state of law."

Article 2 declared that "the authorities in the Republic of Armenia belongs to the people. People exercise their power through free elections and referenda, as well as through under the Constitution gosudarstvnnye agencies, local governments and officials. The usurpation of power by any organization or individual is a crime. "

Coat of arms of Armenia under the Constitution (Article 13) are depicted on the coat of arms of Armenia Mount Ararat with Noah's ark and the coats of arms of the four kingdoms of historical Armenia. The shield is supported eagle and the lion, and the shield depicts a sword, a branch, a sheaf, a chain and a ribbon. Flag of Armenia — tri-color, horizontal and equal stripes of red, blue and orange. Hymn of the Republic — "Our homeland". Armenia's capital city is named Yerevan.

According to the Constitution of Armenia established a presidential-parliamentary form of government. Legislative power is vested in the National Assembly, the executive power — the Government. Guarantor of the independence, territorial integrity and security of the Republic is the President.