World UFO Day (Day ufologist )

Worldwide, July 2, observed as a Day of UFOs (World UFO Day) or the Day of ufologist. This festival is dedicated to those who study the phenomena that have no logical explanation, and the objects, which is attributed to an extraterrestrial origin. The term "Ufology" is derived from the abbreviation of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), similar to Russian UFO — an "unidentified flying object».

Select dates for the international festival stems from the fact that, presumably at the end of June or early July 1947 in the desert near the town of Roswell (Roswell) of the U.S. state of New Mexico has fallen strange object. Many believe that it broke the "flying saucer" with aliens. Since the U.S. intelligence services have coded all the materials of the case, now it is difficult to confirm or refute the hypothesis. However, the event received wide publicity, it was with the "Roswell incident» (Roswell UFO Incident) began the history of ufology. And humans are divided into two camps: those who believe in the existence of fellow human beings, and those who doubt this.

The scientific community has not yet recognized the ufology science. However, in many countries there are large organizations and centers of UFO research, where work quite reputable scientists. Conditionally UFO can also be divided into two camps: those who are looking for evidence of extraterrestrial presence on our planet, and those who seek explanations for these mysterious phenomena, trying to push the boundaries of modern science.

Despite the lack of direct evidence of the fall UFO in Roswell, every year for a holiday in early July in the city and attended by over 200,000 people. At this time there is organized the festival, in which the host seminars, lectures, special exhibitions and a costume parade of "aliens».

In the days of the festival in Roswell is the peak tourist activity: hotels run out of space, Souvenirs are bought with an alien symbols. It shows just four UFO crash site near the city. In general, "UFO industry" brings the city's economy each year about 5.2 million dollars in profits.