Day of Azerbaijani police

The Law of Azerbaijan Republic "On PoliceĀ» M727-IQ from 28 October in 1999 gives the following definition Police: single, centralized law enforcement agency, owned by the executive authority of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Law on Police consists of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, the above Law "On Police" and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan and international treaties to which the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 2008, the Azerbaijani police celebrated the 90th anniversary of its activities. The personnel of the bodies of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan has exceptional merit in strengthening the state, to ensure the strengthening of the independence and achieved great success in activities aimed at taking control of the state in criminal and public safety.

Now the main index of the police service, a professional holiday July 2 — this is an even more efficient service, love the people, loyalty to the state. Today, Azerbaijani citizen with full confidence has reason to say: "My police protect me."