Day of Tax Service of Ukraine

Given the significant role of the State Tax Service of Ukraine in ensuring the implementation of the tax policy, President 24 October in 2005 signed a decree "On the Day of the State Tax Service of Ukraine", according to which professional tax holiday is celebrated every year in Ukraine 2 July.

In Soviet times, the tax administration as a separate service did not exist. The role of taxes in shaping the budget was quite small. At the same time, tax administration was not concentrated in Kiev, as the capital of Ukraine, and in Moscow. The latter factor had a significant impact on the lack of tradition in Ukraine tax and tax qualified personnel.

Revenue Service has actually been created according to the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR of 12 April 1990 "On creation of the State Tax Service in Ukrainian SSR", according to which the creation of the State Tax Service should be completed by the on July 1 in 1990. Tax Service of Ukraine was created as a division of the Ministry of Finance.

Decree number 760/96 from on August 22 in 1996 on the basis of the Main State Tax Inspectorate, the state tax inspections in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, regions, districts, cities that were liquidated, a State Tax Administration (STA) of Ukraine and the relevant state tax administrations that act and now.

As part of the State Tax Service There are special units to combat tax offenses — tax police. Creating STA of Ukraine in 1996 was a continuation of building an effective system of monitoring compliance with tax laws.

The strategic goal of tax policy is to create in Ukraine a stable tax system, which would provide sufficient revenue payments to the budgets of all levels, effective functioning of the economy of the state, fair approach to taxation of all categories of taxpayers, as well as to create conditions for further integration of Ukraine into the world community.