International Day of the sports journalist

Day sports journalist (World Sports Journalists Day) is celebrated every year July 2. On this day in 1924 in Paris, was founded International Sports Press Association (AIPS), which now includes nearly one hundred and fifty national unions.

Sport has always been and still is the unifying force that unites not only individuals, but entire countries and continents.

Peacemaking, the spirit of fair competition, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle — these terms of modern sport combines the best of what mankind has achieved during its existence.

What shines sports journalism? This is — sports and physical education as well as social events related to sports and physical education.

The concept of sports journalism is given in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia: sports journalism — is socially significant activities for the collection, processing and dissemination of relevant information through the sports channels of mass communication (press, radio, television, Internet), based on special consideration of the subject, description, analysis and audience.