New Year

This bright and cheerful holiday is celebrated in different countries in different ways, but everywhere he is loved and expect. Since the first days of December in the cities and villages, every team and every family can feel it coming winter celebration.

The custom of celebrating New Year first appeared in Mesopotamia. According to scientists, the first new year was celebrated in the third millennium BC. The tradition of celebrating the New Year was the fact that all the work started at the end of March, after the water was coming into the Tigris and Euphrates. Within 12 days of parades, carnivals, masquerades, and was marked by this event. During the festival, was forbidden to work and administer the courts.

Gradually the custom of celebrating New Year's gaining ground — the Jews who were in Babylonian captivity, borrowed this tradition from which it passed to the Greeks, and already by the Greeks — the nations of Western Europe.

When introduced a new calendar (today it is called the Julian), the first day of the new year was seen as the first day of January. The Romans that day sacrificed two-faced god Janus, and began that day, major events, including the first day of the year for any auspicious beginnings.